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Love to read? Shopping for books for CyberMonday or holiday shopping? Here is a compiled list of books by topics from posted articles @Cherbloggin. #affiliates #holiday #books #CyberMonday

Personality of Coronavirus

What does the way you wear your mask say about you? Read Personality of Coronavirus. Subscribe to @cherbloggin. Shop #affiliates

The Signs of Communication

With communication today, two extremities of communication exist: self-expression and speaking with discretion. Self-expression, or speaking openly on any topic without much censorship or use of etiquette, is common by most of the population. The second, opposite extreme, is speaking with discretion and saying very little in order to preserve one’s reputation. This is more…

Children’s Hospital

WelcomeChildren’s Hospital first opened its doors in 2001. As the first international Children’s Hospital in the Southwest, we are excited to introduce our staff from over 15 countries in the world. The international library at Children’s Hospital is one of the most complete libraries for research with over 1 million books, medical journals, and medical…